Dressed in his eternal dignity

Filled with overwhelming pride

God rose once again

Enough had he heard

Enough had he seen

A witness for so long

A witness for too long

Men had played their tune

And the reign of chaos had begun

So he raised his mighty hand

And at his command

The Angels flew again

Wrapped in human shells

Unexpected by the wise

Unsuspected by the crowd

in secret and disguise

They entered the mortal world

And their powers were secretly released

So although they were few

And the task was immense

The Angels fought again

But Angels had always dwelt

In the Heavens up above

No need had ever tortured their body

No desire had ever tormented their soul

They were like a child unborn

In its mother’s protective womb


Mortal life was of another kind

For they were mere souls no more

And they discovered feelings

Unknown to them before

Love was the source of their power

It became the seed of their undoing

So though their heart was pure

And their love was true

The Angels failed again

For loneliness chilling touch

Finaly shattered their will

So their desire was fulfilled

Their Holy goal alowly forgotten

And their power faded away

With the memory of things past

Aren’t we all fallen Angels ?

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